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"an Agent, Broker, Consultant and Administrator- All in One!!"

Your Third Party Administrator - TPA

As a TPA, we are an agent, broker, consultant and administrator all in one. JFP Benefit Management has a reputation for excellence in the products and services we offer. Based on extensive experience, technical subject matter expertise and longevity in the capacity of Benefit Administrator, JFP Benefit Management is uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of fringe benefit planning, development and management/implementation.

With the diverse background of client base, there is no plan design that we are unfamiliar with. This includes traditional indemnity/insured plans, managed care plans, consumer-direct/high deductible health care plans, integrated wellness design plans and multiple varieties of self-funded benefit designs.
More importantly we are able to combine multiple features into on-site administration, including technical expertise regarding governmental compliance regulations. Thus every aspect of a client’s fringe benefit plan is designed, implemented and maintained locally in our single office location.

JFP Benefit Management is built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership and excellence. We are committed to delivering tailored benefit solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services and technology-based solutions that result in sustained customer and employee satisfaction. Through initiative and follow-through, we help our clients find answers, implement solutions and anticipate consequences. JFP Benefit Management has assembled an experienced staff of benefits professionals whose commitment is matched by their intelligence and integrity. We further arm our staff with continuous education, training and cutting-edge technical resources. Our highly specialized consultants have helped build our reputation for excellence and fuel our growth.

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